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Many businesses and homeowners, when planning an expansion, renovation, relocation or new construction, make common mistakes when it comes to electrical needs.

For instance, a good electrical contractor can anticipate and specify, lighting, building power and machinery power requirements for existing, new and future needs to prevent costly changes during and after construction.

Here are some points to consider when planning your expansion, renovation or relocation:

  • Renovations and expansions are complex projects. Allow our professionals to anticipate and provide for all your electrical needs, especially the ones you didn't think about.
  • Anticipate timing: Some equipment and lighting products need a six- to ten-week lead-time for manufacturing. We can help you specify equipment in stock or make sure you know your needs early enough to order the proper equipment with enough time for delivery.
  • Know voltage requirements. Planning voltage requirements for your equipment can alleviate costly mistakes, especially if you end up with equipment that cannot work with your available service.
  • We are familiar with electrical code requirements. If you are moving your company into an existing building, you may be required to upgrade your emergency lighting, exit lighting and fire alarm systems to comply with a new floor plan.
  • Allow enough time for the utility companies to respond. We can coordinate with the utility company for a quick response!
  • Budget for energy savings. If you purchase new space or a new building, or sign a lease five years or longer, budgeting energy-efficient lighting upgrades, retrofits or variable-frequency motor drives into the plan can make for substantial savings.

Our team at Black Electric Inc. can help you avoid costly project over-runs. Our designs for electric and light requirements give you the most cost-effective and efficient job possible.

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